My new book came out today!

Sep. 26th, 2017 03:21 pm
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Posted by Matthew Inman

My new book came out today!

If my dogs were a pair of middle-aged men is now available for purchase.

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Hey! Some of you may have already seen me share this project over on Twitter, but the past few months I have been working on illustrating a graphic novel written by Andy Weir called “Cheshire Crossing.” It’s currently being released on Tapastic and right now it’s meant for mobile viewing, so check out the first few episodes on your phone here

Colors were done by the fantastic Alison George!

Reblog because Part 1 is now uploaded in its entirety! So happy with it and excited to start working on the next installment soon.

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Hi everyone!! I’m doing some traveling book touring again!

My first stop will be back in Italy with Becco Giallo, where I will be at the Treviso Comic Book Festival from the 21st- 24th.
Then I am very excited to be visiting Hungary with Fumax Publishing for the first time (!!!), where I will be doing two signings at Alexandra Pódium. Check out the event page.

Hungarian Books: BOOK 1 / BOOK 2

Italian Books: BOOK 1 / BOOK 2

Please also consider checking out the Sarah’s Scribbles Facebook Page in Hungarian! I’ll be with the translator and she has translated most of the comics online.

**Correction! Original post said that the 29th was at 8, it is at 3PM.

See you soon! 

Reblogging because two more signings have been added in Italy:

Sept 21st at 17.30
Antico Caffè San Marco. Libreria e Ristorante
Via Battisti 18


Sept 25th, 18.00 (6 pm)
Banzai 2
Via Altinate 190

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